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Intensive cleaning, hydration and wrinkle removal all in one.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • treats a wide range of facial skin problems

  • lifting treatment, cleaning and wrinkle removal all in one

  • Needle-free and painless

  • Spectacular results already after the first treatment

  • also perfect for teenagers and young adults

  • Unique technology

Course of treatment:

During the treatment, we first clean the skin thoroughly using the solutions belonging to the machine, the so-called With alpha-hydroxy acids. In the second step, we intensively treat the T-zone and then hydrate. 

All this is achieved using three different solutions. 

Then follows Multipolar electrotherapy with LED light, which reaches the deeper layers of the skin and exerts its effect there. With its help, the anti-wrinkle effect is even more intense. 

The last step is the lit-roll technology, which is a Y-shaped treatment head. With it, we can effectively stimulate the muscles of the face and increase metabolic processes. 

As a result of the treatment, the skin will be full of life, the pores will visibly shrink and wrinkles will be reduced. We recommend the treatment to our teenage guests as soon as the first pimples appear, of course without electrotherapy and lift-roll.


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