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Almost every woman dreams of plump, full breasts. The dream becomes a reality with us!   With more than 40 years of surgical experience, Dr. István Seffer is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons.
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We recommend breast implants to everyone whose small breasts cause aesthetic complaints and lack of self-confidence. 

Our surgical background is provided by a renowned clinic, where patients can beautify themselves in luxurious conditions. 

Every operation is preceded by a personal consultation, where we illustrate the sizes with implants and choose the right size and shape together, taking into account the patient's physical characteristics.

This is crucial, since one of the keys to satisfaction is the right implant. 

If we have completed the above process, an appointment must be made for the operation. Before that, additional consultations are necessary, such as a breast ultrasound, a blood test and an anesthesiology appointment.

The operation takes place under anesthesia and after one night the patient can recover at home. The total recovery time is 6-8 weeks, during which time a special bra must be worn.

The risk of surgery is anesthesia, which is negligible. Blood sampling and other tests largely rule out hidden diseases.


Overall, it can be concluded that the insertion of breast implants involves minimal risk and, apart from the first uncomfortable days, is a painless procedure.

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