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The treatment was introduced in 2008 by Dr. István Seffer in Central Europe at a vascular surgery congress. The doctor has been doing the treatment since 2005. It is an interesting fact that the Doctor's son wrote his doctoral dissertation on this topic.

Image by Norbert Kundrak

The operation is performed with epidural anesthesia, anesthesia or local anesthesia. 

Dilated blood vessels can also lead to many other diseases, which in the long term are associated with extreme pain.

Varicose veins can develop in almost anyone. The risk factor is higher in patients who do sedentary work, but other genetic factors, age, overweight and pregnancy also multiply the risk. 

At our clinic, we use the most modern procedure, the so-called EVLA surgery. During the operation, a laser probe is introduced into the vein, which glues it together at a high temperature. The only inconvenience is the needling, the place of which is taped after the operation and it heals spontaneously. The intervention is almost risk-free and the risk factor is very low. After the operation, compression stockings must be worn. 

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