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Shaping and consumption in the XXI. century

Application possibilities

  • fat breakdown

  • shaping

  • size reduction

  • cellulite treatment

  • treatment of stretch marks

  • slag disposal

  • skin tightening

  • skin rejuvenation

  • contouring ring

Course of treatment

EunSung Comfort Line's 1MHz frequency, multipolar RF energy reaches the skin tissue and subcutaneous fat safely and painlessly. Its deep warming effect accelerates the natural metabolism of fat cells. As a result of the controlled heat input, free fatty acids can intensively escape through the cell membrane of the fat cells into the space between the cells. Fat is removed through the lymphatic system and venous system and is eliminated from the body by the body's excretory systems. With the reduction in the size of the fat cells, the micro-circulation and lymph flow start again in the area, and the metabolic processes are restored. This reduces the appearance of cellulite and local fat deposits.

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon. During the treatment, the Multi cavitation treatment head of Comfort Line, which emits ultrasound waves, forms a large amount of microbubbles in the intercellular space. As a result of the partial pressure changes created by the ultrasound waves, the bubbles burst, and in the case of a lucky, mutually reinforcing meeting of the shock waves, the membrane of the fat cells is stretched. The triglyceride in it flows into the intercellular space, from where it leaves the body naturally through the excretory system.

The special laser light of the Comfort Line Multi treatment head promotes and enhances the effectiveness of radiofrequency fat breaking, and the red laser light has a positive, rejuvenating effect on the skin tissue as a whole. The soft-laser increases the permeability of the cell membrane of fat cells, thereby promoting the release of fatty acids, which become liquid due to radiofrequency heat, into the space between the cells, which results in a reduction in the size of the fat cells. Free fatty acids leave the body naturally, through the channels of the excretory system. In addition, the intense red light of laser diodes increases the metabolism of skin cells (stimulates ATP production), so it also has a skin-tightening and skin-rejuvenating effect.

Waste accumulates in the body as a result of age, diseases, medications, stress, improper diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise. These substances greatly inhibit natural collagen and elastin functions, resulting in a loose, sagging state of connective tissue and skin. The process ultimately leads to more and more severe cellulite problems.
As a result of the pulsating vacuum massage performed using the Comfort Line Multi treatment head, the blood and lymph circulation improves, which has an extremely beneficial physiological effect on the metabolism of cells and tissues. The intense increase in lymphatic flow between the space between the cells and the lymphatic vessels has a strong detoxifying and edema-reducing effect.

EunSung Comfort Line Multi treatment heads also contain red or blue LED light therapies, which have a positive effect on the skin tissue as a whole. The red LED has a beneficial effect on the rejuvenation of skin cells by increasing ATP production (cellular energy), while the blue LED is an effective supplement to acne treatments and also has a skin antiseptic effect.

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