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Exfoliation during lunch break


In our fast-paced, rushing world, it is increasingly difficult to take time for yourself, even though everyone deserves a little pampering, and taking care of our skin is fundamentally very important. Every day, our skin is exposed to the elements and environmental damage, such as UV radiation, polluted air, wind, and our diet and lifestyle also affect it. The stress we experience and our hectic lifestyle take its toll on our skin. Everyone sees our face, and the condition of our skin reveals a lot, which is why it is very important to pay more attention to it.


Our self-confidence can be based on beautiful, healthy skin that is radiant with health, fresh, youthful and well hydrated. By using medical-aesthetic cosmetics, you can do the most for your skin!

With the help of Fillmed Skin Perfusion Peel peels, you can beautify even during your lunch break. The treatment is pleasant and relaxing, and the result is immediately visible and beautifies your skin in the long term. 

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