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Image by Jan Kopřiva

Breast liftduring the process, the sagging breasts are returned to their original state. 

Sagging breasts are a problem for many people. Patients visit us most often because of breastfeeding or genetic conditions. 

The operation can be performed with or without implant insertion. 

The preparations are the same as for other breast implants, and the recovery time is similar.

Too big breasts can cause complaints as well as too small breasts. 

From a health point of view, it causes back and waist complaints and self-confidence problems.With breast reductionhowever, we can dramatically reduce the size of the breasts. 


The surgical preparations are similar to those for breast implants. After the medical examinations, our doctor performs the operation. 

During the operation, fatty tissues and part of the glandular tissue are removed from the breast. 

The recovery time is 6 weeks, one night must be spent in hospital after the operation. 

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