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Superfood Special MBR® is a super treatment for dehydrated skin

Experience the power of algae!

Although skin care changes with the changing of the seasons, our skin is always grateful for a little trace element replacement and structure improvement! In spring and summer, we squint more due to the extreme solar radiation, mimic wrinkles deepen, and the temperature difference between outside and inside also manifests itself as a stress effect. In extreme cases, our skin stretches, itches and sometimes peels, but it is definitely dehydrated.

Algae are superfoods for our skin too!

In this relaxing luxury treatment, the skin of the face and décolletage receives deep hydration and replenishment of trace elements, while the neck and shoulder girdle massage results in complete relaxation.

  1. After double cleansing, a tissue regenerating serum containing algae (seaweed) is massaged in:

  • “tightens” lines and wrinkles from the inside

  • improves skin density and elasticity

  • balances moisture loss

  • improves hydration ability

  • the skin becomes visibly smoother and tighter

  1. then comes the special seaweed wrap:

Its high organic iodine content and chlorophyll content can be attributed to its excellent bactericidal and cell regenerating effect, which plays a huge role in preserving youth. Nowadays, one of the main harms is stress, which is known to remove trace elements from the body, and algae, or seaweed as they are known, contain an extremely large amount of trace elements, visibly filling up and smoothing out wrinkles.

Its cooling effect refreshes tissues, improves blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and tightens pores.

During the period of effect, we relax the tension locked in the muscles with a neck-shoulder girdle massage.

The MBR® Hyarulon mask alone is equivalent to a cosmetic treatment, so we especially recommend using it at home!

After the algae wrap, this mask is massaged into the skin, replenishing the tissues for several days with the deep moisturizing massage.

The treatment time is 60 minutes

Just one treatment results in a spectacular replenishment, applied as a cure, it deeply hydrates and protects the skin from environmental damage with minerals and trace elements.

Unisex treatment, also recommended for male guests.

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