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Non-invasive lifting treatment with stimulating, collagen-inducing fibers that melt into the skin

Advantages of the treatment:

  • Safe

  • It has no side effects

  • Needle-free and painless

  • Spectacular results already after the first treatment

  • Gradual effect thanks to fibers that melt into the skin

  • 1 hour relaxing treatment

  • Unique technology

What results can we expect from the treatment? 

A treatment with a lifting effect, sagging skin becomes tighter. Our lines will be more defined and contoured. The firmness of the skin increases. Finer wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the depth of more significant wrinkles will gradually decrease. 

The acids and fibers stimulate the skin's collagen production, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin, making it much tighter and firmer. The pores shrink, the skin has a smooth, even surface and elasticity. 

The stimulating effect of the fibers that melt into the skin is gradual, they exert their stimulating, collagen-inducing effect for 4 weeks after the treatment.


How does it work? 

The treatment begins with the preparation of the skin, during which an exfoliating foam and a mixture of an exfoliating serum containing three types of acids are applied to the skin. The exfoliating mixture contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid in nano-sized encapsulated form. Capsules made with innovative TDN technology enable stable absorption of acids. 

TDN stands for Transfer Double Nanosphere. This is a unique solution: the natural ingredients are enclosed in nano-sized double-walled capsules, making them much more stable, resistant, easier to control and much more effective. The single-shell encapsulation technique previously used in the beauty industry was not stable enough, the capsules were sensitive to e.g. heat, pH, and time, and quickly disintegrated. With the new technique, we can introduce three types of capsules into the deeper layers of the skin: capsules containing water, oil and acid substances. The capsules are so small that they pass through the skin very easily and the active ingredients enclosed in their core will dissolve in the right layer thanks to the safe and resistant shell. Thus, they are not only effective at the active ingredient level, but also open the channels of the skin to receive the active ingredients, thus the cosmetic treatments applied after exfoliation will work with even more optimal results. 

The channels of the skin prepared with the TDN encapsulated acid technology remain open and are thus able to absorb the absorbable fibers. 

During the treatment, we work with special fibers that dissolve in a serum specially developed for this purpose. The serum is rich in skin-soothing active ingredients, so it has a soothing effect on skin that has been pre-treated with exfoliation. Its antioxidant and skin conditioning ingredients improve the condition of the skin at the cellular level. The mixture of serum and fibers turns into a jelly-like collagen mixture. It gives a pleasant sensation when applied to the skin. We cover this with a nourishing mask that stimulates blood circulation and helps the fibers reach the skin. The fibers dissolved in the serum and the moisturizing pack, which stimulates blood circulation, have their effect in 30 minutes. The mask brings the fibers into the skin. 

The next step is a strong firming mask, as a result of which the fibers take on a solid state in the skin and have a stimulating and lifting effect.

At the end of the treatment, a serum rich in skin-building and skin-strengthening peptides and nourishing oils is applied to the skin.

The application of the treatment is simple, a prescribed procedure must be followed, and the active ingredients must be applied to the skin in several steps one after the other.


Duration of 1 treatment: 65 minutes

Price: HUF 50,000 / occasion

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