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The data and contact information of the user of these GTC are as follows:

Company name: InfuBar Aesthetic Service Limited Liability Company 

Headquarters (postal address): 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 5. 1st floor 3

Company registration number: 01-09-357319 

Registration authority: Company Court of the Capital City Court

Tax number: 27923791-1-41

Account manager bank and bank account number: OTP Bank Nyrt.; 11712004-22469645

Email address:


Data of hosting provider:

Company name:

Address: 4001 Debrecen, Pf. 526.

E-mail address of the hosting service provider:

Phone number: 0652541346


1. The purpose of the website available at is for the Service Provider who operates it and the Service user (hereinafter: Customer or Patient) (hereinafter collectively: Parties) to enter into the Service indicated on the website without the physical presence of each other. contract for use.

2. All contracts concluded between the Service Provider and the Patient who uses the service named in the individual service contract or in the statement regarding the order of other services shall be governed by the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) - in the absence of a written individual contract of the Parties to the contrary.  

3. The General Terms and Conditions set out the essential rights and obligations of the Parties involved in legal transactions (Infubar Kft. and the Patient). 

4. Service provider: InfuBar Esztéticai Szolgáltató Limited Liability Company (headquarters: 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 5. 1st floor 3., tax number: 27923791-1-41).

5. Patient: the patient named in the individual service contract or, in the absence of an individual written service contract, the person actually using the service.

6. In other respects in these legal transactions - including issues not or not regulated in sufficient detail by the General Terms and Conditions - the applicable Hungarian and directly applicable European Union legal regulations shall govern. 



The main activity of Infubar Kft. is other human health care (vitamin infusion therapy). 

The services provided by Infubar Kft. are as follows:

  1. Vitamin infusion therapy,

  2. Aesthetic treatments,

  3. Pre-surgery specialist consultations related to plastic surgery, as well as post-surgery consultations and control examinations,

  4. Cosmetic treatments: cosmetic treatment, care, massaging of the healthy body and skin, elimination of beauty defects. Electrical treatments, hair removal.

Additional information regarding the services provided by Infubar Kft. is available on the official website of Infubar Kft. ( ).



Using the health services of Infubar Kft. 

a) by personal appearance or 

b) so-called can be done within the framework of remote consultation. 

Infubar Kft. is based in all cases on a voluntary basis, on the voluntary decision of the Patient. 

The Patient confirms his/her willingness to use the services, as well as his/her acceptance of the conditions laid down in these Terms and Conditions, by signing the documents presented before the establishment of the legal relationship, such as the Declaration of Consent to be filled out during the first visit to Infubar Kft.'s clinic, and by using the service._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

It is a condition for the use of health services that the Patient registers on the official website of Infubar Kft. ( at the same time as the first online appointment before using the health services for the first time, by providing the following personal data:

  • name:

  • e-mail address

  • password (must be entered twice)

  • telephone number

  • Social security number

  • residential address (zip code, city, address)

  • Date of birth.


It is also a condition for the use of health services that the Patient fills out and signs the Declaration of Consent regularized for this purpose during his first personal appearance at Infubar Kft.'s office, on which he must indicate the following personal data in addition to the personal data provided during registration:

  • Place of birth

  • his mother's name. 


At the same time as the registration, the Patient receives his own Internet user account in the online system of Infubar Kft., which - after activating the account - he can enter by entering his e-mail address and password.

After registration, Infubar Kft. in an electronic mail so-called sends an activation link to the e-mail address provided by the Patient during registration. The Patient can activate his own Internet user account by clicking on the activation link.

Patients to use the services of Infubar Kft. 

  • on the online interface or

  • via the email address, also 

  • You can register by calling 0630 010 5900:

Infubar Kft. processes the registrations submitted on the online interface during working hours (between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.), and within 1 working day after the reservation, after successful processing, a confirmation will be sent to the Patient by e-mail to the specified e-mail address.

 In the e-mail confirming the successful appointment, the Patient will receive detailed information about the examinations, prices, payment method and other details. 

Infubar Kft. receives the Customer at the place of service provision at the previously agreed time. 

The Service Provider is obliged to inform the Client in advance about the course of treatments and interventions, their risks, and possible complications. 

The Customer confirms that the information has been provided by signing a separate declaration of consent (Declaration of Consent). 

Infubar Kft., at the request of the Patients, through an online interface, so-called online  also provides services related to medical consultation (hereinafter: teleconsultation)  to the Patients, according to the conditions specified in these GTC.

Distance consultation is available for those patients who, due to reasons within their own sphere of interest (e.g. due to their place of residence, physical condition, etc.) cannot appear in person at the surgery operated by Infubar Kft.  

Infubar Kft. also provides services via the Skype system upon the request of the Patients, according to the conditions specified in these General Terms and Conditions.



Infubar Kft. undertakes to provide all its Services professionally in accordance with the relevant laws and other professional regulations.

Infubar Kft. declares that it has the necessary professional, official, operating licenses and conditions for the provision of services. 

Infubar Kft. is necessary for the continuation of its activities. with all the material and personal conditions necessary for the professional performance of the health services it provides, including the appropriate professional qualifications of the professionals involved in the performance of the services, as well as the uninterrupted maintenance of the liability insurance necessary for the continuation of the activity.

Place of provision of the Service: 1065 Budapest VI. district  Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 5. 1st floor 3. 


Infubar Kft. has the right to unilaterally determine the location of the Services, it cannot and is not obliged to take the possible wishes of the Patient into account. 

Infubar Kft. present GTC II. provides the Services referred to in point 2 with the help of its medical staff and other contributors (hereinafter: Staff). 

The Patients acknowledge and consent in advance to the fact that Infubar Kft. involves third parties selected at its own discretion in the performance of the services it provides, and that the services of these third parties are so-called. provide it as an intermediary service to Patients.

Infubar Kft. is entitled to use subcontractors to fulfill all its contractual obligations, in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The Customer is obliged 

to be in a suitable physical and mental state when using the Service, otherwise Infubar Kft. is entitled to refuse to provide the Service.

when using the Service, to respect the relevant legislation and the operating rules of Infubar Kft.

when using the treatment, you must respect the relevant legal provisions. to cooperate with Infubar Kft. in the provision of the treatment, or with the treating physician and employees cooperating with the Service Provider in order to provide the service, including: 

  • to inform them of everything necessary to carry out the appropriate interventions, including, in particular, any previous illness, medical treatment, medication or medicinal product intake, health-damaging risk factors;

  • to inform them - in connection with your own illness - about everything that could endanger the life or physical health of others, so in particular about infectious diseases and diseases and conditions that preclude the performance of the profession; 

  • to inform them of all legal declarations he has made in the past concerning health care;

  • comply with the provisions received from them regarding the Service;

  • credibly certify your personal data as required by law.

  • The Customer is obliged to fill in the questionnaires prepared by Infubar Kft., which are necessary for the professional and safe performance of the Service, to make the Declaration of Consent and the declarations required by law.



Infubar Kft. has the right to refuse to perform the Service at any time after examining the Customer or during the provision of the Service, especially if 

  • in view of the results of the examination or the facts and circumstances recognized during the treatments, the treatment or intervention cannot be performed due to the Client's medical unfitness; 

  • on the basis of the investigation, it is established that the intervention requested by the Customer conflicts with legislation or professional rules;

  • during the consultation, or at any time later, based on the opinion of the consulting doctor or specialist assistant, the Client is eligible for intervention due to his psychological condition, 

  • not suitable for treatment.

  • During its activities, Infubar Kft. always takes into account the interests of the Customer - as possible under the given circumstances - as well as the prudence and diligence expected of it.


The service provider is not bound by contract or maintenance obligations. The Service Provider is entitled to suspend the treatment under the Contract with immediate effect or, at its discretion, to terminate the Contract with immediate effect if

  • the Patient does not fulfill his payment obligations or is late;

  • in its opinion, the Patient does not cooperate properly in order to successfully perform the service(s), including in particular if:

  • does not follow medical instructions;

  • disturbs other patients and staff members with his behavior;

  • according to the Service Provider, your health or mental state, its change, may make it difficult or hinder the proper performance of the service;


The Customer is obliged to be in a suitable physical and mental state when using the Service, otherwise Infubar Kft. is entitled to refuse to provide the Service.

When using the Service, the Customer is obliged to respect the relevant legislation and the operating rules of Infubar Kft.




The Customer is obliged to pay a Service fee for using the Service. 

If a contract is concluded between the Parties for a vitamin infusion service or plastic surgery consultation, by booking an appointment, the user of the Service will arrange for a HUF 10,000 (ten thousand) advance transfer to the bank account number 11712004-22469645 held by the Service Provider at OTP Bank Nyrt. . 

If a contract concerning other, aesthetic treatment is concluded between the Parties (time reservation), the user of the Service shall arrange for the transfer of an advance payment of HUF 20,000 (twenty thousand) to the bank account number 11712004-22469645 maintained by the Service Provider at OTP Bank Nyrt._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The advance payment is due immediately after booking the appointment, but no later than the day after booking the appointment. As long as the deadline passes without results, the appointment -   - will fail and will be cancelled.  

The advance paid by the users of the Service is deducted from the total amount of the selected service. The amount of all available Services is available on the website. 

After the payment of the advance payment, Infubar Kft. is obliged to carry out the treatment and intervention specified separately by the Parties. 

The Customer acknowledges that the fee for services beyond the consultation varies from individual to individual, taking into account the type of service, the Customer's capabilities, the complexity and feasibility of the treatment, and the exact amount is determined by the doctor or the employee providing the service._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Infubar Kft. - in the absence of an agreement to the contrary - may refuse to perform the Services until the full fee has been paid.


Patients have the option to cancel or modify their booked appointments by emailing or by phone during working hours, no later than 24 hours before the booked appointment.

If the cancellation is communicated within 24 hours prior to the use of the service, Infubar Kft. is entitled to retain the amount of the deposit transferred by the Patient (cancellation fee).



Infubar Kft. assumes no responsibility for any kind of damage attributable to the Customer's behavior (e.g. breach of cooperation obligation, inaccurate following of instructions). 

Infubar assumes no responsibility for the Customer's personal belongings at the location where the service is provided  and is not obliged to preserve and deliver to the Customer any property (e.g. coat, umbrella) that the Customer forgets at the location where the service is provided._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Infubar Kft. is solely responsible for damage according to the liability insurance governing its activities, which Infubar Kft. - including the staff cooperating during the provision of the service - caused intentionally or through gross negligence, and which are expressly and directly related to the provision of the service or Infubar Kft. are related to his behavior. 

In view of the fact that, in addition to the well-known risks of the interventions (listed in the information sheet), there are special lesions that primarily cause aesthetic complaints, hemorrhages, skin discolorations, scars of varying thickness, distortions, etc. may arise as a result of the intervention requested by the Customer, Infubar Kft. excludes its responsibility in this regard.

Infubar Kft. will do everything in order to achieve the desired effect and result, but the Patient acknowledges that depending on the body's biological response ability and unforeseen risks, the expected result may differ from the average, due to which deviation the Customer cannot make any claim for compensation up. 

Given that the assessment of the results of aesthetic interventions is highly influenced by the individual, the Service Provider does not assume any financial or other responsibility in the event of an aesthetic complaint.

The Service Provider does not assume responsibility for complications or other illnesses that result from the Customer not complying with the obligations contained in these GTC or the separate contract, as well as the instructions, suggestions or advice given by the person acting on behalf of the Service Provider.



During the provision of the Service, the Service Provider is obliged to treat the information and facts related to the Customer's person and health condition that it has become aware of as confidential and to hand them over only to those authorized to do so.

The Service Provider collects personal data during the performance of the Services in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest. tv., as well as XLVII of 1997 on the management and protection of health and related personal data. In accordance with the governing provisions of TV and other relevant legislation, it is handled solely for the purpose of providing the services.

The provisions related to data protection are contained in the "Data Protection Policy" of Infubar Kft., which forms an inseparable annex to these GTC.

We store the personal data of our customers who apply for any of Infubar Kft.'s treatments in accordance with the legal requirements, and upon registration, our customers consent to the processing and transmission of their data.



The patient can contact the Service Provider directly with a complaint, the Service Provider's deadline for investigating the complaint is 30 days. 

If the Patient does not agree with the result of the complaint investigation and is classified as a consumer, in other respects the CLV of 1997 on consumer protection. complaints are handled based on the provisions of the law.

In other respects, the Patient is entitled to the rights provided for in the Civil Code.




The Service Provider - within the legal framework - reserves the right to unilaterally amend the General Terms and Conditions and the documents referred to therein, which the Customer expressly accepts. If the Service Provider corrects typos and spelling errors that may occur in the GTC, it is not considered an amendment to these GTC. The fact that the Service Provider corrects its own data does not qualify as an amendment to the General Terms and Conditions. The communication of the revised GTC as referred to here, as well as the communication of the modified GTC, in which case the change in legislation and/or an official act necessitated the amendment, may be shorter than the 15-day deadline otherwise applicable in the GTC._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

An addition to the General Terms and Conditions that is related to the introduction of a product and/or service that has not been provided before is also possible at the same time as the introduction of such product and/or service, in which case the amended General Terms and Conditions become effective upon publication. The customer expressly acknowledges and accepts all of this. Hungarian law governs the General Terms and Conditions and the contracts and obligations created on the basis thereof. 

The Service Provider publishes the amendment of the General Terms and Conditions and/or the documents referred to in it on the website at least 15 days before the amendment takes effect. In the event of a change, by continuing to use the service (using the website), the Customer accepts the amended General Terms and Conditions.

 The Service Provider ensures that the Customer is informed of these Terms and Conditions and the Data Management Regulations through the website. 



Dated: Budapest, October 07, 2021 

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