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Image by Jakob Owens

Buttoplasty is one of the flagships of modern plastic surgery. Most of the modern beauty ideals have shapely, spectacularly sized buttocks, which has made buttoplasty very fashionable. 

We are visited by ladies and gentlemen who want rounder, fuller figures. Some people have structural issues with the sagging and "flabbiness" of the buttocks, while others have developed the problem due to significant weight loss or lifestyle. 

In all cases, buttoplasty is performed under anesthesia, and a similar recovery time should be expected as during breast implants.

During the operation, the guidelines discussed at the preliminary consultation are always authoritative. The surgery can be performed with silicone insertion or with your own fat filling. This is greatly influenced by the patient's anatomy.

We therefore recommend our treatment to those who want a shapely, round, spectacular bottom.

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